The introduction of the Rejoice Letters to the congregation of Benoni Bible Church was designed specifically to fill a gap. As with all churches, the congregation is comprised of those who are faithful and those who are not.
This is verifiable easily simply by observing attendance, but this is not necessarily entirely accurate as to a person’s spiritual condition. There are those who cannot make every meeting due to age or illness, or the danger of being out late at night especially given the conditions of the country.
It is probably true to say that in every church there exists 2 congregations that sit side by side every Sunday, without realizing that one group is committed to the church and the other is not. The Rejoice Letters are designed to awaken those that slumber, and encourage those that live in the joy of their Christian faith.
As with every author and publisher the rights to say something rests with either the individual or group responsible for the provision of the information. I am fully aware that there are those who do not read the Rejoice Letters for they aim for the heart, and who would want his or her heart wounded. I have tried at all times to be as faithful as I know how to the Word of God.
The Rejoice Letters are written weekly in addition to pulpit preparation and study and cover a wide range of subjects. Some are doctrinal and theological. Others are practical. Some are demanding and others are simple. In every case the aim is the same – to produce a real hunger for the Word of God in the lives of the readers. I guess eternity will reveal how successful I was in this endeavour.
The sheer thrill of writing continues to be my experience, and God has never left me dry week by week in either my preaching or my writing, and for this I am most grateful to the Lord.
So to all those who will read the Rejoice Letters – may you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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