CMI Seminar Saturday 28 July 2018 | Creation Ministries International

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Does God exist? How can anyone believe in religion when science has neither a need nor a place for God? Is evolution happening today? If God is a God of love, why do we suffer and die?
Creation Ministries International is coming to your area soon with answers to these important questions.

Come and hear Marc Ambler expose the bankruptcy of the evolutionary myth. You’ll be amazed to see how weak the scientific evidence for evolution is.
This is an issue that affects everyone. Evolution teaches us there is no need for God, there is no spiritual realm, and there is no afterlife. According to the theory, spirituality is just an evolutionary trick of the mind!
The Bible gives a very different picture about the nature of these things. At this presentation, you will learn how the scientific evidence, when properly understood, confirms the details of the biblical account. At the same time, we will answer many of the Big Questions.

About Marc Ambler

Marc’s faith in God’s word was impacted while reading a copy of Dr Carl Wieland’s Stones & Bones. A businessman and former associate pastor, Marc is passionate about communicating the truths of the Bible in a way that all can understand. His multimedia presentations will motivate and energize Christians into sharing their faith even more effectively, using the demonstrably successful approach of creation evangelism.


Date: Saturday 28 July 2018

9:00am – The Gospel is in Genesis

10:00am – Race or Relative

11:00am – A Date with Dinosaurs and Fossils

Venue: Benoni Bible Church
149 President Brand Street, Benoni, Gauteng

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